Cotton is a highly durable material due to its molecular structure which made of cellulose. It is tear-proof and can maintain its quality after washing and can last for years. It is soft and cool, creating a breathable atmosphere. And it is inhabitable for mites which further prevent allergies.

Linen also is a very durable strong fabric, in the face, the linen fabric is so strong that it cannot be fold and iron repeatedly since it will break the fabric structure over time. Linen is famous for its interactivity with moisture, it can gain up to 20% moisture before it will first begin to feel damp. It also has the natural ability to prevent bacterial growth.

Because of cotton and linen’s unique features, a new type of fabric was introduced: the new blend fabric consists of cotton and linen. For Linen, it is valued for its ability to keep cool in Summer and keep warmth in cold Winter. The cotton fabric itself has the unique comfort feeling which offers the warmth regardless of the season. These two features are both well represented in linen-cotton blend fabric, which makes it a great choice for using them for duvet cover set. The bedroom temperature and moisture can be quite complicated comparing what we are facing during the day. Due to different people’s metabolism, the imbalance between bedroom air and microenvironment under comforter can be a serious problem causes low sleep quality. The linen-cotton duvet cover set will help balance the difference with linen’s interaction with moisture and cotton’s comfort of warmth.

Cotton and linen both bring their own special natural characteristics and being together they are a winning combination. Cotton, resilient and soft to touch, linen, it is smooth and great interacts with moisture.

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