Comforter as the essential piece in the bedroom, not only can it adds personal style to home decor, but also it keeps warm and cozy at night. Since one-third of life spending on the bed,  comforter needs to be chosen more carefully to ensure sleep quality. The filling inside, the surface fabric, and the warmth rating are all need to take into consideration when choosing comforter.

Currently, there are two main kind comforters to choose from. one is down Comforter and the other is down alternative comforter. I will briefly introduce both types of the filling, the surface fabric, and the warmth rating.

The Filling

Down comforters are made of natural fluff feathers gets from underneath of a bird’s feather. These are key component help the birds get through cold Winter season. Therefore filling these feathers into comforter will help keep the warmth when the temperature is down.

On the contrary down alternative comforters are filling with synthetic materials such s polyester and rayon.

The Surface Fabric

In usual case to emphasize the natural feature of down comforter, manufacturers usually choose natural materials like cotton, silk. When it comes to down alternative comforter, the surface fabric can be selected from a wide range materials include cotton, microfiber, polyester, fleece, and Tencel, which is a synthetic fabric made out of wood.

The warmth Rating

Down comforters usually have better warmth rating comparing with down-alternative when they are the same weight and size. However, when shopping for a new comforter, there will be a warmth rating written on the product tag. The down and down alternative comforters will offer the same warmth when they have the same warmth rating.

Down Alternative Comforter is hypoallergenic

As we mentioned before down comforters are made of light, fluffy feathers coming from geese or ducks. It offers light and soft sensation during the night while keeps our body warm and cozy even it is Winter outside. However, the downside of it is that it uses natural materials directly coming off animals which cause the potential harm to the people who have allergy problems. Furthermore, It can be more severe issues when it comes to hospitality industries, i.e. hotel chains and Airbnb. Because it is hard to know what guest’s situation is. That is why people start to lay their eyes on down alternative comforters. Down alternative comforters are great for anyone allergic to down feathers.

Down alternative comforter is easy to maintain

Since down alternative is made from materials like polyester, rayon or cotton. These synthetic materials do not have strict temperature regulations like down material does. They are way much easier to clean and since it is synthetic materials, the cost of down alternative comforter would drop a lot comparing with traditional down comforter.

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