Your wedding is a huge moment for everyone invited, not just for you and your spouse-to-be. Your friends, your family and everyone else invited will want to be there on such a big day – and this is why you will want everything to run smoothly throughout the entire wedding.

Having a guestbook people at your wedding can sign is a nice way of allowing you to leave you with a small memory of them being there for you. However, traditional guest books are not as appreciated as they used to be. Furthermore, coming up with a more original idea may attract more signatures in your wedding’s guestbook too. Here are some guestbook ideas you can use to make it more fun and unique.

· Colorful crayons. The fact that this is your wedding and not a kindergarten drawing lesson should not stop you from being a bit childish. Having some fun crayons your guests can use to “doodle” and sign on your guest book is a fun way of attracting them to do this!

· Photo albums. Get a photo booth and have a photo album double as a guest book too. This way, your guests will be instantly drawn towards taking photos of themselves and leaving you with a written line and with their picture as well.·

· Framed photo. If you don’t necessarily want your guests’ pictures in your guestbook or if you simply cannot afford renting a photo booth, you can simply get one picture with you and your spouse and frame it nicely. Leave empty space around the photo and have your guests sign there – this will make for a wonderful décor item for the new house in which you will soon be living as husband and wife!

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