In hospitality Industry there is one thing that is crucial for both thriving business’ popularness and insuring customers’ satisfaction — Linen Supplies. No matter how luxurious your interior staging looks like, the moment customers touch the bedspread, that is the moment announces whether you wins customers’ heart.

Being a linens supplier mainly targets hospitality industry is challenging, not only being criticized by business managers there will be peer pressure coming from other competitors. How to stand out from your manufacture peers? Offering better products with lower price. As cliche as it sounds, it is the most practical way to win more clients and get your game goes on.

However it is easy to say than practice it in real business. Nowadays the fabric material, the manufacturing methods and the design trends are all tend to be similar gradually. It will be hard bring your own signature move into industry. The complex problem like this can be solved by dividing the problem into pieces. From my perspective, there are three main components of linen products: Fabric Material, Product Line Variety, and the last part, distribution of products. The first two control the quality of bedding products and the last part will affect products cost dramatically.

Fabric Game? It is all about innovation

Still striving to find cottons that has longer fiber? Having headache thinking about new marketing ideas leading people’s attentions to the bright side of silk and ignoring its fragility? It is the time moving on to the next hot thing – Tencel Cotton. The first time I heard about this fabric I thought it is just another marketing concept that will vanish in one or two years like flame. I was totally wrong. The moment I actually lay my hands on Tencel Cotton I know it will be another concept that many marketing genius will spend their days and nights spread out like chocolate in old days. Fiber length? It has longer fiber than any other existing fabric, which means the strength and less pilling. Natural and environment friendly? It is made from woods and manufacturing process has less chemical curing involved. Fabric tactility? It has silk’s softness and cotton’s breathability. Everyone likes new things ,specially this new thing beat the rest in almost every aspect. The tercel cotton is the top choice when manufacturing high-end products.

Product variety? No extra is extra

When it comes to beddings, everyone wants to be treated like a king. Even seven layers mattresses and another seven layers mattress pads seem a little plain. Dissect the bedding needs into various functionalities and designing one specific product fulfill these needs. A pillow for reading? No enough, we will need another small pillow for spooning and protect stomach pressure. Only fit sheet and flat sheet? People won’t mind another contact sheet offering extreme comfortless wrap all other bedding layers together. No extra I extra, if you offer more and your clients will like you more.

Tired of bargaining with distributors? Shopping online

One thing I like most about technology is that many barriers have been broken. This includes the dividing line between manufacturers and clients. There are some online wholesalers offering the opportunity that enables manufacturers and end clients communicate directly and get the products with wholesale price. There is no middle man stand in between which leave a huge profit margin line that can both benefits manufacturers and end clients. Like it or not, shopping online is a great way to save some time and money, not matter for retail buyers or wholesaler buyers. Some online wholesalers like,, and are all good for online wholesale shopping.

There it is, following the above three Strategies you will walk a practical path reach the final goal: better products and lower price. All all these sale deals are waiting for you to sign in ahead!