Last week I read an article written by Carl Liver about shopping golf equipment online, the ideas from the article really worth the attention and I believe keep these ideas in mind would really help when you start preparing next Golf tour. I list main points below for your reference.

Golf is expensive. Golf is a sport that requires big investment upfront, you get to buy some very specific equipments like golf clubs, golf bags, specific shoes, gloves, balls and more. All these will cost a fortune if you just walk to your local golf store and start shopping. There is one way you can save a great deal of money –shopping online.

You Can Always Find the Cheap One

One advantage you can get via online shopping is finding the better deal when shopping a specific item, one online shop may offer the discount for gold club and at the same time another online shop will offer free shipping for certain equipments. You will never get the same discount if you only shop at one local store. By comparing the price among tons of online golf shop, saving some bucks will be guaranteed.

Keep Shipping as One Key Factor in Mind

Yes their price tags are tempting and you are ready to type in the credit card info. Before doing that one thing keep in mind is checking the shipping fee first. Golf equipment is no like other normal goods – they are heavy and most of time oversized, it will add a large ratio of expense to the total bill if the shipping is not covered by merchants. Therefore finding an online store that offers free shipping or making sure the shipping fee won’t give you a wow moment once the credit card bill arrives.

Individual Sellers are Gold Mine to Look Around 

Do no limit your options to online shops, there are also many individual sellers online selling their barely used products on bidding website. These may be the gifts they receive from family and friends or someone collateral damage by someone’s impulsive shopping and commitment to golf world. No matter what case it is, these basic brand new gold equipments always come with a deal and worth your time to dig in.


Some people have this misbelief that cheaper goods means low quality. It is true in some certain scenarios but not in today’s Internet world. Internet breaks barriers among manufacturers, distributors and retailers. In old days we can only find goods in retail stores, not now buying directly from other sources will save lots of money at the same time getting the same products you are looking for.