is an online leading Wholesale Marketplace. only focus on provide supplies for small business. and Internet company comprised of widely known consumer brands such as Avene, Bally, Best Buy, Bloomingdale’s,, Cafe Britt, Cross, DJI, Foot Locker, Hilton, HP, Lego, Microsoft, NY&C, Panasonic, Tommy Hilfiger, Walmart, Guess, Macy’s.

What a retailer buyers really need are low cost, good quality, and fast delivery. 100% satisfaction is the fundamental rule of success in states

For Sellers, We understand that doing business in the United States is more than competitive. Sellers try to sell through all kinds of channels to increase the sales volume. So, there are quite a few online retail platforms for sellers. However, no matter where sellers have to compete with thousands of similar ones. As a result, it is hard for an individual seller to stand out and achieve the sales goal. This is where is standing for. commits every category of the platform to a unique seller. In this way, there will be no vicious competition and sellers can focus on their products quality and values with competitive prices.

Online B2B has been a popular commerce model since 2000. The leading B2B platforms have generated a vast amount of business deals. However, most of the existing platforms require further steps to reach a deal, such inquire. Current business models reduce the power of online B2B as the world of e-commerce has been advanced along the huge progress the Internet. Especially for those who are doing cross-border business, the traditional way can be extremely inefficient. makes the online transaction easy and efficient. Buyers can get access to sellers through system messages at any time and sellers can get paid momentarily.

It is hard for the small company to make their business name to be a well-known brand. Meanwhile, buyers prefer to buy products from their familiar brands. Brand awareness becomes a critical issue at the early stage of development among the sellers. would love to grow with our sellers. We will be attending trade shows such as ASD continuously. For all these trade shows, our sellers and products from our sellers will be the main staff we would like to present to small business buyers. With, sellers will also have the opportunities to be noticed from all kinds of trade shows. We believe that’s a great way establish a brand on the right track.

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