Satin Fabric is made of 100% polyester. It is single-face and comes in 25 unique styles such as gold, apple green, silver and more. People see these fabulous in many places yet do not know its official name. From wedding reception’s table runners to various event decorations, even at hot hospitality spots, you can see the satin fabric is used as decorations at outdoor resting areas. Even though it is used on various occasions, the satin Fabric’s main show time is always at weddings.

The wedding is one meaningful event that you express your joy and share it with people you love. Everything needs to be perfect. You are telling yourself. Despite millions of small details need to settle down, one major thing that should mark as priority is Table runner Fabric. The right piece of fabric can coordinate with other wedding decorations and deliver a stunning display and cultivate the right vibe, it will set the tone for the whole wedding. Satin Fabric is always the top choice for table runners, historically satin was used for upholstery, with Louis XIV used it to cover his beloved ornate furniture. Satin fabric has many different colors, from red to violet, snow white to silver, you can always find the right color that helps you elevate the outlook of your wedding.

One place I recommend to my friends to shop satin fabric is one website called, it has been in the play for years. Despite its ancient look website layout, the price and product quality make it a no-brainer for shopping for my party and wedding service supplies.

Their 65” x 60 FT satin roll is my favorite item on their site. What unique about this item is it is 65”, not 60” wide. Yeah, it sounds stupid but you should know 60 inches vs. 65 inches makes lots of difference. 60 inches will not be long enough to drip on both sides table and 60 inches has low thread counts comparing with 65 inches one. 65” is the representation of perfect size and quality. You can go to google and search satin roll the first item is idea ribbon’s 65” x 60FT satin roll. The fact says it all, it has high visitors and ranking No. 1 for the keyword. It is only $39.95, cost the same as one restaurant meal, go for it guys!

Even if your table is round small one, they also have this 65”x65” Satin Fabric Table Overlay that only costs $3.00 each.