As a newbie in Airbnb “town”, one of the challenges is choosing the right bedding supplies for the guests’ better experience. Satisfying the guests and winning good reviews are crucial for attracting more guests to the Airbnb listings. I have seen tons of posts on Airbnb Forum discussing the bedding selections, most of them have questions about what kind of bedding products are needed and where to buy. I will list three bedding products that I consider as key components for an Airbnb business.

Hypoallergenic Comforter

Comforters have natural content like goose down and silk is popular because of their warmness and lightweight. However, there are a countable amount of people who are allergic to this kind of comforters. That is why it is very important to have at least one hypoallergenic comforter sits in your closet in case your guests need it. Down alternative comforter is one of the new things that become hot in recent years. It has the benefits of down material, light, soft, warm, good with high humidity environment, and most importantly—the material inside is down alternative and is hypoallergenic. Getting at least one down alternative comforter for your Airbnb listings in case the time you need it.

Tencel Cotton Comforter/Sheet Set

Getting one bedding set that made of Tencel cotton. It highlights your service and wins more guests. Nowadays everyone is using Egyptian Cotton bedding sets with high thread count, if you are savvy about beddings, you already know that thread count is just a miss-concept that retailers use to promote the products. It is the fiber length that really matters in terms of fabric’s quality.

One new fabric material that is trending among luxurious bedding world is Eucalyptus Tencel Cotton, I talked about its benefits in another post before, basically, it combines silk and cotton’ s merit and excludes these two’s shortage. It is already widely used among high-end bedding brands, and now the trends start triple down to the large-scale consumer bedding goods. It is expensive at the beginning due to its limited ingredients source and the way it produces. However, the cost decreases because of improved technology and increased producing scales. Now Tencel cotton beddings are not that expensive. Though some people say all these Tencel cotton beddings from luxurious brands cost thousands of dollars per piece. Oh man, you should know you are just paying for their brand name. Go find an online wholesale place and purchase some Tencel cotton beddings. Believe me, it won’t bankrupt you. The cost for one set is probably from $50 to $100, considering you are getting the similar products as some fancy brands, it is quite a bargain.

Linen Cotton Sheet Set

The reason I recommend it is that one bedding for the hot season is always needed. In States like California and Florida, the temperature can be high enough to wake up people from sweating. The linen-cotton sheet is also a new thing that becomes popular in recent years. It mixes the merits of linen and cotton into one piece. Feeling like cotton and having the light and breath that you can only see from linen fabrics. Believe me, if you offer one linen cotton beddings for your guests in a hot season, they will give you a five-star review express their appreciation. Cotton sheet in contrary will not have similar performance as linen cotton sheet, adding linen cotton sheet set on your shopping list is definitely a smart move.



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