When working on your wedding table decorations, the centerpiece is the main component of the whole setting, that is why it is called centerpiece! There are couple things you need to put in mind before brainstorming decoration ideas.

Long Table VS. Round Table

The first thing you need think of is what kind of table you plan to use. For long banquet-style tables, it is often covered with a table runner and multiple centerpieces will be placed along the way. While for round table it will have its own individual table decorations. 

The Size Matters

Keep table size and room size under your consideration when you choose the size of your centerpieces. The size of centerpieces should be in proportion to both table size and room size and at the same time brings up the right vibe. If your wedding venue is set up in a large room, small size centerpiece will be lost in other millions of visual details. If the reception is an intimate setting guest will feel overwhelmed with the large table decorations. Find the balance between the centerpiece size and room, table size that’s how you achieve the outcome you expect.

Put a centerpiece base on your table to make the setting looks more organized, it can be a plate or piece of wood. Then you can just add anything you like – candles, flowers, and even fresh fruits and vegetables. Here are some items you can use when setting up your centerpieces:


Acrylic Square vases:

Craft Glass Mirrors:

Manzanita Tree Branches:

Hanging Glass Globe Candle Holder:

Cyliner and Block Vases:

Eiffel Tower Glass Vases:














Shepherd Hooks:

Lavender Artificial Flowers:

Tapered Glass Vases:

Artificial Silk Phalaenopsis Orchid:


Glass Balloon:

And the final star– Eiffel Tower Replicas


No matter which style and color theme you decide to go with, don’t stress out about it, having fun when you design and shopping your decor items.

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