It is your big day, and it will be a perfect day. You said yes. Your heart is floating around, lots of blessings coming from family and friends. It’s time to start planning your dream wedding. It is easy to get lost among millions of decisions those need to finalize. Don’t be. All couples have been through this, you can survive too. Apart from choosing the venue for ceremony and reception, the most important portion of a wedding is decorations, a good wedding decor setting brings up the right vibe for your wedding and leaves all people great memories. Don’t know where to start? It’s ok, I will explain all decor items elaborately, follow the tips from my articles and decorating your wedding like a pro!!!

I believe you have already start checking out wedding magazines and websites for wedding decoration ideas. This first suggestion I would give is following your guts. The first intuition is always right. If you think Violet would be perfect wedding theme color, stick to it, if you think an outdoor wedding is better than an indoor wedding, choosing to do the wedding outdoors. It is not about choosing the right color, the right theme, it is about choosing what you will enjoy the most. The reason why I emphasize the first intuition is that once you keep browsing the decor options your judgments will be blinded by overwhelming options.