Emotional Gambling?

먹튀We have all tried to make money the quick and easy way (we believe!) by using online casinos. I don’t know about the rest of you but I have lost a packet!

I have learned one very valuable lesson.

Don’t get emotional.

I have found that it is very easy when you are sat there, in front of your laptop, and you are just one spin away from making a killing to let your emotions get in the way. When this happens you make an emotional decision rather than a rational one and nine times out of ten you will lose.

Then of course, you’ve lost a small fortune so you take bigger and bigger risks to try and win it back. We have all done it! You sit there, kicking yourself, because you know if you had just taken a bit of time and thought about it properly you probably wouldn’t have spun that wheel!

So how do you take the emotion out of gambling? Well over the years I have developed a few tricks so that I know when I am getting emotional and take a break and am now winning more than I lose.

Unfortunately it has cost me a lot of money along the way.

Also now, when I buy a new ‘system’, I don’t just jump straight in and bet the house on it.

I still try new systems on a regular basis but now my approach is much more ‘businesslike’ than it was before and I quite simply know when to take the hit and walk away. It may well be a case of taking three steps forward and two steps back but it means that I’m still one step ahead!

A few of my simple, 먹튀but effective tips are\


Never bet when you are tired\

If the bet is large, go and make a cuppa before you place it\

Go and do something else for five minutes and just clear your head of that tunnel vision\

먹튀Ask yourself – can you afford to lose?


There is no such thing as a system that wins 100% of the time. How you handle the times when you are not winning is the key. Take emotion out of the equation and believe me, you will keep on winning by learning when to accept a loss\

I have in fact learned so much that I am in the process of developing my own system which I hope to release in the coming months but, until then, 먹튀 I have a newsletter in which I look at new systems, test them out and review them without you having to\

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