We’re upgrading our current website to a new and improved version!

Our IT department has been hard at work designing this new website. With all the incredible features they’ve created, our new website will attract even more consumers and increase sales.

With our new user-friendly interface, shopping on Bwanaz will be more convenient than ever!

The simple and intuitive product upload navigation screen makes the process of store setup and product uploading more natural and faster than ever. A few simple clicks are all there is between you and getting your products out to a new customer base. The website’s mobile-friendly formatting means you can even do this on the go!

Consumers will be amazed at the ease at which they can purchase products!

We’ve even added a “Sample Order” function that allows consumers to purchase samples of products before making large purchases. Research reveals that customers that place “sample orders” prior to making a large purchase are more likely to place a final order.

This function is still optional to sellers, but we highly recommend utilizing this function when launching an online store.

Keeping your information secure is Bwanaz’s #1 priority!

We’ve taken every step to ensure that our new website is more secure than ever before. Thanks to the cooperation from internationally recognized payment gateways, you can be confident that your information is safe and locked behind layers of security.

With our new website, both old and new users will need to update products to match our new standards.

Keep in mind; our team is available to assist you – every step of the way.

We can’t wait to see you on our new website!