1. The first question is how long will it take to bring in sales?

  2. How long will this period of sales last?

Mark Victor Hansen once said, “Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident and more and more successful.”

With the continuous development of a social modernization economy, people are gradually changing the direction of economic development. In the process of economic development, e-commerce, as a new type of economic operation, is widely used in the actual economic development. In our daily life, we can easily find that the number of online stores is growing rapidly, and everyone hopes to land a share in the e-commerce market. So in that case, being an Amazon or eBay seller is not difficult, but the key concern is that in order to become a successful seller, you have to be able to stand the test of time. The so-called stand-in test of time is mainly divided into two stages.

First, how long will it take to get sales? Second, how long will the sales last? This is actually not difficult to understand. From zero to real sales, this is the first stage. Then, how long will the sales run on? This is the second stage. To solve the problem of how to maximize the benefits gained during these two time periods, the most important part is to find or locate a real wholesale vendor. The following will be a breakdown of the stages and reasons.

In the first stage

The time of the first stage should be as short as possible. The reason is as mentioned before, under the premise of adequate preparation, the shorter preparation time means that the sooner the sale can be started, the sooner the profit can be earned. This requires the stores to find real and reliable wholesale vendors as soon as possible. That leads to a new question, where should we acquire the goods? Should we buy wholesale domestically or should we buy directly from overseas manufacturers? The biggest advantage by purchasing products directly from overseas manufacturers is that it’s cost-efficient since most overseas manufacturers have low labor costs, so your sales cost will be reduced. But the disadvantage of this approach is that it takes too long. On the issue of time, a great advantage of local wholesalers is the short time of transportation. By using this method, the goods can be collected as soon as possible and started to sell. But the cost problem of this method cannot be underestimated. As to how to weigh these two aspects, it is necessary to enter the next stage to verify.

In the second stage

The time of the second stage should be as long as possible. The reason is simple, only a store could sell steadily so that more profits could be obtained. The longer the sale is, the bigger the consumer group, the better market word of mouth, and, of course,  the more profit in the end. But to achieve such a goal, a stable and reliable source of goods is needed. Still, how do we choose between foreign wholesalers and domestic wholesalers? The advantage of the supply of foreign goods lies in the low cost, but compared with the products of local wholesalers, the quality of the products sold by foreign producers is relatively low. The better quality of the goods is indeed a great advantage of the local wholesaler. The simple truth is that when the customer believes in your product then they might buy your products. I believe that the better quality of the product will more likely win the trust of the customers.

In summary, In the first stage, local wholesalers with less transport time are better because you need to start sales as soon as possible. The cost of this problem can be solved in the second stage because better quality will bring more consumers, and the profits brought by this part of consumers may be able to make up for it.

It is not easy to do business. From the beginning, it takes hard work. Every failure is a lesson, and every success is an experience. Only by accumulating can we have better space.  As long as you stick to it, there will be a good result.