Don’t mention that how good your rental location is, after a long journey no one would remember which route they passed by or how long they spent on the road. Don’t even brag about your awesome amenities. At the end of the day, it is just another rentals full of tools no one touch even once. At this point people start asking, what the heck should we do to beat other listings those also have impressive image works and intriguing descriptions. Dude, it is about how it feels. People forget what they saw, forget what they hear, but they never forget how it feels. Right? Don’t you still miss that relaxing feeling when you laid on Hawaii beach with that cozy blanket under your back? It fleshes up every time you see your blanket in your closet.

There it is, the secret to catching return guests—Create a sensation that would last—by which I mean have some great beddings in your bedroom!

Ok, so once I was trying to find out what kind of bedding products rich people would put on their bed. I went to Bloomingdales bedding department, damn those beddings are expensive. They are labeled with fancy words like 800 thread count, Egyptian cotton, and one called Eucalyptus Tencel Cotton. And price tags are all three to four digits. I did touch their products to see how it feels, I must admit it is expensive for a reason. It feels like silk but less fragile. Anyway, it is not something I can afford with my humble income.

Then recently I found this site called They partner with the brand I saw in Bloomingdale and doing bedding wholesale. Guess what kind of price I see on that site? Everything is under $100…Ridiculous right? Well, the things that makes it seems too good to be true is that there is no minimum quantity for orders…I don’t know about you, but I am sold.

Highly recommend it anyone who would love to get a great deal on bedding supplies. The name is catchy and easy to remember.!!