There’s a reason fall is so many people’s favorite season; it’s not too hot and not too cold. It’s the perfect in between weather that calls for exciting new wardrobe changes, warmer vibrant colors, and the great anticipation for when piles of fallen leaves crunch under your feet as you walk over them!

With the season transitioning from the hot, stuffy summer into cooler, breezier autumn, we want to transition with it. We all know the classic autumn colors typically fall in the red, orange, yellow, and brown range. As the weather gets cooler, colors with a warm tone such as these bring a sense of warmth and excitement to the atmosphere. Not only does this make us want to switch up our fashion choices, we can also invite new changes with our makeup! There are so many fun choices that can be applied when using makeup, and one of the ways to do that is playing with fun lipstick colors. 

For a while now, liquid matte lipsticks have taken the makeup world by storm. They’ve become a staple in many people’s  makeup collection because matte colors tend to appear more pigmented and opaque on the lips. They make the lips pop more without the oily residue that may result from normal lipsticks. While there are many types of matte lipsticks out there, our top choice for matte liquid lipsticks are from Bad Beez Beauty.

Bad Beez Beauty just rolled out with their newest fall matte liquid lipstick colors. These long-wearing, non-smearing lipsticks boast high intensity pigment while being waterproof and non-drying! We especially love the non-drying aspect of these Bad Beez lipsticks because liquid matte lipsticks are known for often being too drying on the lips. These bad babies are so easy to apply- they apply smooth like a gloss and dry matte! Don’t wait to get yours!

Check out some of these fall liquid matte lipstick colors from Bad Beez Beauty that we’re so crazy about!

Peachy Baby (Bright peachy orange)

Rich Girl (Vibrant metallic golden yellow)

Coco (Cinnamon brown)

Miami (Crimson red metal matte)

Fierce (Deep fire engine red)

Jones (Vampy dark burgundy)