So you’re on the hunt for a makeup organizer to declutter and organize your makeup and beauty space (The space that you love dearly, but somehow always looks like you’ve just abandoned it time and again in a pile of disarray.) It’s okay, don’t be ashamed about it because we get it: Life gets busy and stressful, so you typically end up hustling to get whatever you need done in your day or you just want to relax after having a stressful day…and all of that does not involve organization. Not to mention the will to organize is just gone at that point.

But hey, you’re here! You’ve finally found the last bit of willpower within you today to look for a makeup organizer because deep down, you want a nice makeup space that makes you feel excited and elevated when you go do your makeup or your skincare. Well, we have just the perfect recommendation for you: The Keltie Portable Makeup Organizer from

This makeup organizer is made of non-toxic, odor-free ABS plastics. Now that we’ve answered the most important question concerning material safety let’s talk about its shining features that will win your heart. Not only do you not have to worry about the toxins that are often not talked about in products, this organizer is also portable! Its sturdy handle feature is what makes this organizer so special. Once you’ve loaded an organizer, it can be hard to move it without items falling out or having to take the items out because it’s too heavy to move. That’s not an issue with this Keltie makeup organizer; the handles help you transport it with ease! Want to shift it more this way or that way? Want to take it to a completely different room? Just carry it by the handle and its good to go!

In addition, the top compartment of the Keltie makeup organizer has a transparent, waterproof, and dust-proof lid that comes down to prevent items from falling out while transporting. The three bottom drawers keep all your other accessories and smaller items such as nail clippers, tweezers, or jewelry in safe, separate compartments.

So what are you waiting for? It’s a clear winner! Grab yourself the Keltie Portable Makeup Organizer before it runs out of stock on!