Down comforter has a design similarity to the ordinary blanket. Down comforters are softer, more efficient, comfortable and last longer. It comes in all colors and sizes. A down comforter breathes better than synthetic comforters. It also allows the release of moisture rather than having it trapped inside. It has a built-in feather content and fills power. Down comforter is a non-allergy product and causes no harm to your health.

How to indicate its quality?

The Fill Power is the main quality of down. Choosing your down comforter is to consider the Fill Power – the higher the fill power, the larger and stronger the clusters of down. Large clusters provide better insulation – more warmth with less weight and last much longer. Standard down comforters have a Fill Power of between 550 to 600 cubic inches. 700+ cubic inches is classed superb quality comforters.

The weave of a down proof fabric is at least as important as thread count. The very best down proof fabrics have a thread count ranging between 265 to 380

Baffle design – down comforters are made with a sewn-through box design which helps keep the down in place. Strips of fabric are sewn between the layers of fabric. These keep the clusters of down from shifting. Better sewing means more durability, less tendency for sewing to break. The baffling is an internal fabric wall which allows the fill to “loft” more and adds strength to the comforter.

How to clean it?

There are special ways of cleaning down comforters to keep the stitches in place and lengthen the life of down comforters. To help it loft and stay fluffy, shake your comforter and hang it outdoor regularly. It should be washed only if they needed. Do not wash down comforters too often as it will break down the clusters of down inside and damage the insulating and fluffing. Take it to a professional cleaner that is experienced in cleaning down products. If you need to wash the down comforter yourselfPsychology Articles, do it by hand using a cleaning solution designed for cleaning down. Dry your down comforter in the dryer on medium heat. It must be completely dried as down comforter can get molded.

Is it safe to use an electric blanket?

An electric blanket is another alternative. Down comforter is much safer than most electric blankets. Electrical and magnetic fields from electric blankets have the potential in harming your health. Down comforters are free from using electricity.


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