What’s the next best thing next to electric generated lights? It’s the good old wax candles! While the invention of electric lights have made it much easier for us to have an on demand light source when the day gets dark, it can never replace the magic that a traditional candle seems to be able to produce.

Candles have the ability to transform a normal space into one filled with a soft and cozy ambience or into a space filled with vibrant and passionate energy. You can easily alter the atmospheric mood of your environment with the placement and the number of candles you use. For example, you can put more candles to make the room appear more lively, or place less candles in niche spaces so that your candles accent your space to produce a softer romantic setting.

We can all agree that there have been times these flickering light producing chunks of wax don’t just emit good aura or make a good home decor, but they have been exceptionally useful for those unexpected black outs! Sometimes you go so long without using your flashlights that they don’t work anymore or you find out you’re out of battery when you need them. That’s when having a good ol’ wax candle can save the day! If your candle often gets neglected in your home to collect dust, these surprise black outs might just spark your love for candles again. After the electric lights are back, you might be tempted to continue using candles. After all, it has been scientifically proven that the quality of the light of candles are able to soothe our minds and relax our being. It can relieve us during times of stress and even help us open up conversations with friends and family more comfortably. 

When looking for candles, you’d most likely want ones that have a longer burning time so that they won’t burn out quickly. You’d most likely also consider how well they’d fit in with the area you desire to place them in. That’s why we recommend The Bolsius 3x6in Pillar Candles. These will sweep away all your worries and fit your candle shopping checklist. They will last longer because they are slow burning. They have a neutral ivory color, so they will easily match in any space and background. They are also a decent size: -3×6 inches- not too small or too big. You can find them for a great price for a set of 6 on Bwanaz.com! They are unscented, so you don’t have to worry about not liking the scent. You can always add your own scent by melting the candle a little bit and adding a few drops of essential oils. Voila! It’s scented now! Buying scented candles can often cost you a lot more for just the scent, so this is a good DIY way if you want to save some money.