Just moved into a new home or looking to decorate your place with a set of beautiful lights? Then look no further than this 4 Light Vanity by Good Home. It comes in matte black and brushed nickel color (a cross between silver and gold, and looks similar to stainless steel).

While you may be thinking of getting a more extravagant lighting fixture, sometimes simplicity is the way to go. This beautiful 4 Light Wall Vanity has a clean modern aesthetic, which makes it easy to pair with other things in your house. Its simple design makes it more versatile- you can install it in virtually any environment, such as restaurants, offices, restrooms, galleries, and more.

In addition, this 4 Light Wall Vanity can be installed in two directions. You can choose to install it with the bulbs facing up or down according to your taste. It’s also a breeze to install. All the hardware you need to mount it is included!

Buy now for only $55 each on Bwanaz for the matte black or brushed nickel color. That’a a great price you can’t find anywhere else on the market!