Whether you work in construction or not, we all need a good drill in the house. A drill is one of the most useful tools you can have to help you assemble furniture, fix things up, or for do-it-yourself projects. Thanks to our speedy technological advancements and inventions, today’s drills are becoming more user friendly, lightweight, and efficient to use; it’s important for a common household item like the drill to be relatively easy to learn and use.

The drills below have all the ergonomic features mentioned above that make them some of the best drills on the market today! If you’re looking for an essential drill, now is the time to grab one of these! They are all on sale for great prices on Bwanaz.com!

This first drill ($20 for one) is the most lightweight of the three. The weight is 45% lighter than drills with nickel-cadmium batteries. It’s a 12 volt cordless electric power impact drill with a 1.5ah lithium-ion battery that charges 15% faster than other models of its kind. This increases its running time by 48%. This portable drill comes with 2 variable speeds (max 180 in-lb torque), 24+1 adjustable clutch, has a 3/8″ keyless chuck, and is equipped with flashlights on the front. It also comes with 25 other accessories in the tool set! from


This next drill ($25 for one) is a close cousin to the first one. In addition to all of the above features, this one has more powerful torque (max 280 in-lb torque), an automatic spindle lock that enables one-handed charging, and a magnetic feature in the back of the device that magnetizes your screws so you can access them easier when working.

Last but not least, we have the hunky big brother of the three ($75 for one). This is the Cordless Power Impact Wrench that comes with 4 pieces of impact driver sockets. It has a 21 volt impact drill with a 4.0A battery brushless motor. The max tightening torque is 3,132 in-lbs, and the max losening torque is,3,940in-lbs. It’s got a 1/2″ chuck, changeable trigger speed controller, and a 4000Ah capacity battery that extends the running time by 48%. In addition, this tool has a smart chip technology that shuts down the tool automatically when the nub is loose.