So your friends are over at your place and you guys are bringing all the drinks out- good ol’ juices, sodas, smoothies, alcohol, whatever have you. Everyone wants a cool drink in their hands, so you go to your fridge to grab the ice cubes. But instead of turning around with a typical ice tray, you surprise your friends with animal ice cubes! Now you’ve all got floating penguins and polar bears inside your drinks, talking about how cool it would be to visit the North Pole or Antartica. (FYI, only polar bears live in the North Pole, and only penguins live in Antartica! ) Maybe seeing these polar bear and penguin ice cubes would even lead into conversations about global warming and the need to preserve our earth so that these animals do not become extinct!

If you’d like to add some fun to your drinks, then don’t wait to get these polar bear and penguin ice cube molds! They are on special sale on Each pack (Only $2.50) comes with 2 pieces- one of the polar bear and one of the penguin. You can even buy them in bulk.

You might be wondering what the material of these ice cube molds are made of. Well, be worry free because these silicone molds are made of non-toxic food-grade silica gel. The ice is easy to peel from the soft mold, and the mold is also easy to clean.