What don’t you see a lot of in the United States? Bidets! If you don’t know what bidets are, bidets are bathroom fixtures that are used to clean yourself up you’ve urinated or had a bowel movement. While this may seem odd to most Americans, bidets have actually been the primary way that many people in European and asian countries use to clean themselves up after using the toilet. People who aren’t familiar with bidets often confuse them for sinks, drinking fountains, or awkward second sinks. You sure don’t want to make that mistake! It is actually a lot more environmentally friendly because there’s no need for toilet paper. This means less trees have to be cut down!

In the past, bidets have been a separate fixture in the bathroom that is usually next to the toilet. So, you’d go to use it after you’ve done your business.  However, modern bidets are installed onto the toilet, so everything is in one place. The most efficient and popular bidet inventions today are called bidet toilet seats. All you have to do is replace your traditional toilet seat with a bidet toilet seat and voila, you now have a bidet! When you need to use the bidet, a hygienic nozzle will extend out and spray you clean, then it will retract afterwards.

This particular bidet toilet seat is perfect to install in your bathroom. It not only has the basic function of a bidet, which is to clean you up after you do your business, but it also comes with temperature control for the toilet seat and warm water rinse. This means no icy butts in the winter! One of the best features about this bidet toilet seat is its self-cleaning function. In addition, the water that sprays out comes from the nozzle comes out at an angle, so the water that falls as you are washing won’t land on the nozzle. All its functions have been designed with sterilization in mind to offer users a fresh, clean, and worry-free experience!