If you’re a regular cook, one of the best companions you can have around your kitchen is this 5-in-1 Chopper, Mixer, and Grinder. Food prep can often be exhausting, especially recipes that require a lot of chopping and mincing ingredients into finer pieces before cooking. That is why this 5-1in-1 Chopper, Mixer, and Grinder can help you save much more time on food prep and prevent pain from repetitive chopping or standing for long periods around your kitchen! This versatile blender set includes many attachments and parts: a food processor, an on-the-go portable smoothie bottle, a pepper grinder, and replacement and interchangeable blades. This machine has a 700W power motor and ultra sharp stainless steel blades that can crush whole fruits, vegetables, and ice in just seconds! All the removable parts of the blender are leak-proof, easy to clean, and dishwasher safe.

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