Just like us, our pets need water to survive, so making sure that they get clean water is essential for their health. According to studies, most dogs and cats prefer running water because it resembles natural sources of drinking water from streams. Water sitting still in a water bowl can smell bad over a certain period of time and harbor dangerous bacteria and parasites, so a great way to keep your pet’s water clean is to get a filtered water fountain. This will ensure that the water doesn’t produce harmful organisms. This $46.99 Laika Pet Filtered Water Fountain is one of the best pet water filters on the market because it has no dead corners and no need to disassemble, so it is incredibly easy to clean- just a simple rinse! In addition, the water pump has a mesh that quadruples the purifying filter cover, which helps block debris and dirt from getting in the water. The UV germicidal light feature ensures the water will be thoroughly cleaned. This Laika Pet Filtered Water Fountain even comes with smart features like circulation mode to keep the water circulating to prevent bacterial growth or eco-mode to save energy. Last but not least, if your pets like to sleep with you in your bedroom at night, you can rest assured that this water fountain will not disturb your sleep because it operates at lower than 29db!