Even though Covid waves have died down, the one thing that has still somewhat stuck around is working from home. This means that more people are finding ways to set up their idea work-from-home environment. One of those requirements is having multiple screens on their desktop to properly complete their work. Monitors, however, can come with a hefty price. For example, the most recent 27″ Apple display monitor starts from $1,599! A good tip to help you save if you need multiple monitors to work is to get only one good “main” monitor that is high quality. That is the one you can put in the center. For the other one or two supplemental monitors, you can save a lot of money by just getting a portable external monitor, such as this 15.6″ 1080 Portable Monitor. This monitor retails for $79.99 but you can get it for a discounted price of $59.99 if you login & sign up on Bwanaz.com and buy wholesale! This great lightweight external monitor has extensive compatibility; it can be connected to PCs, Macs, Phones, PS, Xbox, or Switch!

This 15.6″ Portable External Monitor features 2 Type-C ports and 1 Mini HDMI cable. It has a full HD monitor, advanced IPS glossy screen support with 178 degrees viewing angle. It renders accurate and bright colors, so you can have the an immersive experience if you want to use it for watching videos or gaming when you’re not doing work. A big plus to this portable monitor is that it has an eyecare feature that effectively reduces blue light radiation damage to your eyes. The IPS screen creates no flickering, unlike LED or OLED screens that operate with flickering lights that your pupils may detect and thereby contract constantly, leading your eyes to be more strained or sore. The monitor also has two built in speakers that can help you with work calls or post-work game-play!

In addition to the monitor, you will also get a scratch-proof Smart Cover for the monitor that is made of durable PU leather exterior, and doubles as a stand!