The lighting of an environment can very easily impact our moods. Think about all the times you’ve entered into an environment where the lighting changed– whether it was from natural forces in nature or the efforts of man; you may have felt that your mood changed instantly with the ambience. That is how influential lighting is in our surroundings. It affects us much more than we realize it does. That is why lighting design is actually a thing! It is an incredibly impactful and important factor for many businesses.

For example, many of the greatest movies you’ve watched are great because of the strategic lighting design implemented into the films. The lighting changed throughout the movies to help the viewer’s moods change according to the progression of the plot. And believe it or not, many of your favorite stores are probably your favorite because the lighting of the stores are designed to make you feel invited as soon as you step through their entrances. This is to keep you in the store shopping for longer! The same method is used for restaurants, bars, and clubs etc. The lighting in all these places are meticulously designed to create a very particular atmosphere for the people that visit these places.

If you’re somebody that loves how a simple change in lighting can alter the ambience of your environment, then you may enjoy this dimmable mood light with color changing features! You can easily change the feel and mood of your personal space at home with different types of lighting. You can use it virtually anywhere in your house, such as your bedside, your living room, or even the hallway. This dimmable bedside mood light is perfect because you can adjust the warmth of the light and the colors! Best of all, it is energy-saving and comes with a timer feature, so you don’t have to worry about it eating into your electricity bill. Keep your mood just the way you want it at all times!