We all have that style of shoe that we reach for often, that jacket we always wear because it has the silhouette we like best, or that lip color that we put on whenever we leave the house because it makes us feel more beautiful but isn’t too much. And of course the pair of earrings we haven’t stopped wearing with every outfit because well, it just feels and looks right. Every now and then though, we reach for the other styles in our fashion collection because we want to switch things up. However, we always go back to our go-to “must-haves.”

And you know what? There will come a day when you wake up and realize that you know exactly what style, shape, or silhouette you like when dressing up. You’ll notice these things are repeatedly used by you because you genuinely love them. No longer will items you’ve purchased be forlorn in the back of your closet or drawer somewhere in your house, but they will always have a purpose in your life and be loved dearly! So a tip for when you are wanting to buy and try something new next – go for a style that is reminiscent of what you already love, but with a different detailing or color.

For example, if you’ve got those classic gold hoop earrings you can’t help yourself from reaching for time and time again, but you want new earrings, then you can go for these gold twist hoops – they’re still hoops, but the hoops have an elegant twist detail! When you get something that is reminiscent to your favorite, you may be more likely to use them. Now of course for times that you’re feeling more bold, you can totally buy the accessory that is way different from what you’d usually get. But start off easy, so you won’t be wasting too much money. What often ends up happening when you go for something too different is that you end up barely using it or not using it at all! It’s never a great feeling to have buyer’s remorse past the return window. You want the pile of items that you love and use to always be bigger than the pile of items you kind of like and barely use!

Our featured Gold Twist Hoop Earrings are made of 18k gold plated titanium steel. This means they are incredibly sturdy and long-lasting! Grab a pair for yourself while supplies last from Maffei Jewels on Bwanaz.com!