Necklaces are a classic accessory that will always add a touch of sophistication or interest to your outfits. There are days that you may look at your wardrobe and think that what you have is boring. But…before making another impulsive purchase to add on something else to your closet, think of other ways that you can make your fits feel new and different other than buying another piece of clothing that you may inevitably get sick of again.

A key to making what you own in your closet feel fresh is learning how to accessorize. One of the best ways to do that is with necklaces! You can still wear that same shirt that you own, but embellish your neckline with a necklace the next time you put on that shirt and it will instantly transform your entire look. Jewelry usually have a luminosity that draws the eye, so people won’t even notice if you wear the same shirt a couple times in a row!

Just like picking clothing, you want to pick jewelry that matches your skin tone or body type. For example, here is a double layered asymmetrical necklace by Maffei Jewels that will add flare to your outfits! This necklace isn’t bulky and is relatively simple, but its asymmetrical and double layering feature makes it much more unique than just a regular chain. The way it hangs gracefully from the neck down to the chest helps accentuate the clavicle bone, while adding interest to the top you wear.