So you’re scrambling around your room, trying to figure out what necklace to wear for the event you’re heading off to, and the person you’re going with says, “Just pick one, we need to go.” The stress and the dilemma in that moment builds up right? Because you just want to wear a necklace that compliments your outfit, but you can’t make up your mind! And you feel bad for making everyone wait!

The key in situations like this is to separate your jewelry into two sections. One section is the statement pieces or fun quirky pieces that you’d have to really plan your outfit with, and the other section are pieces that can be used for everyday and go well with every occasion and outfit you have. This way, if you’re pressed for time, any piece of jewelry your pick from your “any occasion section” will work.

If you’re not so sure what types of necklaces will work for any occasion, here are a few tips: the necklaces should be a color you love wearing often. Some people look good in gold pieces and others in silver. Find the color you feel you gravitate towards the most, compliments your skin the most, and therefore you’d wear more often. Then, make sure that the necklace is rather simple. When there is too much going on in a piece of jewelry, like different colors, shapes, and silhouettes in one, that is what makes it harder to pair with other things. Simple, however, doesn’t have to be boring. Believe it or not, there are many simple necklaces or jewelry that can easily elevate your whole fashion aesthetic.

For example, this Gold Plated Round Beads Clavicle Necklace is a great example of an “any occasion necklace.” It’s got a rather simple chain design, but it’s got elegant round bead details throughout that make the necklace more interesting. Think about it, you can match this with nearly every kind of style: classy, chic, professional, simple, quirky, boho, street, grunge, vintage, casual…the list goes on! You can wear this piece for any occasion!

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