So you’re putting yourself out there again for an exciting date night- maybe it’s a first date night out, or a comfortable night out with your longtime boo thang. However long you’ve known the person doesn’t really matter- you just want to look your best! You’ve got your outfit ready already, but you’re looking for that special necklace to complete your outfit; one that adds that extra touch of gentle elegance without being overboard or too in-your-face. I mean sure, sometimes you want to bang out your statement pieces, but tonight, we’re going for a shy, soft, yet eye-catching sparkle. Something that can be dressed up or down. That’s the best kind of necklace really. You get the most bang for buck for these kinds of jewelry pieces because you can wear it more often and it different settings.

The Round Beads Long Tassel Clavicle Necklace from by Maffei Jewels fits the bill for what we mean by shy and soft, yet eye-catching! This delicate gold beads necklace adds the perfect touch of elegance to your outfit. It’s made of sturdy plated titanium steel that ensures its longevity, and it looks absolutely dazzling! The v-shape it creates from the neck down beautifully emphasizes your clavicles (which we all know is an irresistible feature, so why not emphasize it?). Not only that, the necklace gracefully decorates the chest area as well to make your outfit look even more amazing.

This Round Beads necklace from will basically be your sidekick or wingwoman of the night because its magnetic elegance will draw your date’s eyes to you and only you! Who else is around you for the night? He won’t even notice. He will only remember the moment his eyes were drawn to you from the glimmering sparkle of your necklace. And then, it’s your smile, your eyes, and that great conversation that sparked between the two of you quickly after.