CES, the world’s largest electronic product exhibition, drew to a successful close on January 11th. Thousands of futuristic innovations have been unveiled.

In 1967, the first CES was held in New York as a spinoff of the Chicago Music Show. After 52 year, CES became an annually hold trade show to showcase top tech products. In 2019, CES spanned to 2.75 million square feet of exhibition space. It reached to over 5,000 exhibitors and 180,000 attendees. The product ranged 33 categories in 24 marketplaces. It has became the window to the future.

Demystified Trends

This year’s CES showcased several popular trends of consumer electronics that might take big leaps forward: 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Folding Screens, Home Tech.

  • 5G is the latest invention of cellular internet communications. The 5G networks come up with faster speed, reduced latency, and high data rate. It is expected to fully implement 5G network by 2020, which ensures speedy connections and data transmission with multiple devices.  
  • AR & VR are both new products of reality technologies. AR stands for “Augmented Reality”. By overlaying virtual objects on real-world environment, users can experience a full immersion in the virtual environment. VR refers to “Virtual Reality”. VR technology has widely spread into gaming industry, it has inspired other high-tech company such as Facebook and YouTube to develop 360-degree supportive videos.       
  • Artificial Intelligence is one of the most popular topics of CES 2019. More than 66 exhibitors brought out AI related products. AI technology shows how programs apply human intelligence to perform leaning, reasoning, planning and problem-solving behaviors in order to achieve tasks. 

Featured Products 

Among all these dazzled gadgets, WINs want to highlight two items that WINsiders are together fond of: the foldable screen and the Eyecloudcam. 

Eyecloud: the EyecloudCam is a product adopting AI technology to improve household goods. It is a smart home security camera with human detection and face recognition features. The Eyecloudcam comes up with their own APP to enhance an easier security solution on your home. It was also prized with Innovation Award by CES.

Tips for Attending Trade Show in Vegas  

Every year, there are hundreds of trade shows take place in Vegas. Being one of the largest cities holding conventions in the U.S., booking a business trip to Vegas can be very frustrated. WINs would like to share an insider’s guide of accommodation in Las Vegas.

  • Save Big on Accommodation

It isn’t surprise to find out how hotel prices skyrocket during holidays and major conventions. To avoid booking hotel with crazy prices, you might consider hotels that locate far off The Strip. These hotels are in way cheaper prices and free parking are always provided. Check out the future show dates below and plan accommodation far in advance to save big.  

  • Future Show Dates 

Jan. 6-9, 2021 (Wednesday-Saturday)

Jan. 5-8, 2022 (Wednesday-Saturday)