If you’re looking for a bed for your pet, you’ve come to the right place! Bwanaz‘s best selling donut dog bed comes in three sizes that will fit dogs from 11 pounds to up to 27 pounds! This faux fur bed is filled with environmentally friendly cotton and provides great support for your pet to relieve any muscle and joint pain. This bed is designed with a circular design, so your pet will enjoy curling up in the bed. The act of curling up is similar to a human in fetus pose- it promotes relaxation and calms anxiety! One of the best features about this dog bed is its anti-slip PVC dot fabric bottom. We all know pets hop onto things, so the anti-slip dots on the bottom will make sure the bed stays where it is when your pet attempts to leap onto it.

If you’re concerned about cleaning the donut bed- don’t be! It is machine washable. The entire donut bed can be placed in the washing machine and then dried on low heat! It’s best to wash the bed on its own.