More than ever, it has become clear that the internet is critical for the success and growth of any business. But with thousands of business owners vying for customers’ attention, trying to get yourself noticed amid the endless sea of the internet is a challenging proposition.



With this list we’re going to establish some of the basic building blocks you’ll need to start getting your brand noticed online.


Step 1: Set the Foundation

Having pages for your business on just about every social media site you can find is a critical first step and will serve as the foundation for the rest of this list. Fortunately for you, business owners, is that with the dawning of 2019, more people are using these types of platforms than ever. It’s certainly a lot more than you can reach standing outside your store waving a tacky sign.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkdln, these are all the types of websites you want to be involved in. Youtube is certainly also an option to consider, however making quality videos requires a bit more time investment and skill than merely making a dozen word post.

Step 2: Post, Post, Post

An inactive page might as well not exist on the internet. The constantly shifting tide of human interest quickly discards anything that doesn’t hold its attention for more than a few minutes. A page that hasn’t updated in three months is going to give people the idea that you don’t care about your online presence.

Sites such as Facebook or Twitter should be updated daily. In these posts, you want to provide potential customers with all the information you can about your business. Tell them about the products, where you’re located, what you do. Give them information on sales or coupons they can only get on the internet.

Step 3: Network

The internet is a pathway of connections, each one leading off to another in a never-ending web.

This is what you want to exploit.

Find your competitor’s social media pages and like something. Look for every major page you can find and link yourself to it, leave a trail of breadcrumbs for people to follow. On Linkdln, search for every employee and friend you can find and link them to your own page. On Facebook and Twitter, follow who or whatever you can find related to your business.

Build the web you’ll use to trap customers.

Step 4: Do It All Over Again

The biggest mistake you can make is assuming that you’re done.

When it comes to the internet, there is no ‘I Win’ button.

It’s a constant struggle to stay relevant, and what is popular one day can be forgotten by the next. Short bursts of activity aren’t going to draw as much attention as a site that’s constantly active and posting new and relevant information. You need to be making new posts and new network connections constantly.