Most homes you enter will have a centerpiece ceiling lighting or wall-mounted lighting. That’s because these types of lighting cover more ground for illumination and they can be a wonderful piece of decor for your living space. Generally, multi-light pendants such as this 15 lights Sputnik Chandelier make great centerpiece lights because their multiple light bulbs offer more interest to the eye.

This Chancelor 15 Lights Contemporary Sputnik Chandelier by Good Homes comes in two universally easy-to-match shades that you can choose from: black and silver. This lighting pendant takes on a mid-century modern design that will brighten up your home. All the arms are pre-wired so it’ll be easy to install. It also comes with 4 rods to adjust the hanging length of the light. It even has a swivel that can be mounted on angled ceilings. Buy now for only $65.39 on