So, what is ASD Market Week and should you care?

After all, you probably get a couple of emails or read a few articles like this every week, telling you about the next big event. Most of them are the same thing, some small collection of business owners who want to show off their merchandise and convince you to buy from them. Your time is valuable as a small business owner when you have so much work to do. Is this ASD thing something that should concern you?

Short answer, yes.

Long answer, yes.

SSimply put, ASD (Affordable Shopping Destination) Market Week is the largest, most comprehensive trade show in the United States. There is no other place where you can meet these many businesses and connect with so many wholesale buyers and sellers. From its location in Las Vegas, Nevada, you have the opportunity to meet with well over 45,000 buyers. This event is a massive opportunity for you to network with businesses and forge lasting ties that you would never be able to in any other situation. Here you have the opportunity to introduce yourself not only to American enterprises but to people who come from over 90 separate countries.

With well over a million products to choose from, you’ll be able to find something to stock your store and make it stand out. You’re virtually guaranteed to sell your stock as well, with an average of 98% of attendees possessing buying power. The annual amount of money exchanged during this four-day event amounts to about 2.8 million dollars. Just by being one of the 2,700 vendors at this event, a small fraction of that could be yours for the taking. At ASD, the average margins can be anywhere from 200-300%!

As the leading business to business transaction location in Vegas, the ASD Market Week is going to give you the edge you need as a business owner. From here, you can get a grip on what kind of trends are looming over the horizon and how you can take advantage of them. Knowing that information can be the difference between a sold-out shelf or worthless merchandise.

However, if none of that is enough to convince you of the importance of this event, how about this?

Unlike any other market show available, ASD offers access to over 100 educational sessions. From these sessions, you can learn everything you need to know about running a business, from how to get the most out of retail store design to how to use social media to bring in customers. For anyone who’s looking to grow their business or keep an edge against the competition, these seminars are a must have.

Moreover, did I mention they’re free?

With big names such as Amazon, Ross, Forever 21, and even Disneyland in attendance, the Las Vegas Convention Center is going to be the place to be from March 17th-20th.

Will you be there?


  • You only have two chances every year to attend, don’t miss out!
  • Preparing your booth to look the best that it can be to attract customers will be hard work, but it will all pay off in the end.
  • Only 11 days left to save money on your entrance fee!
  • Visit today to register.