Have you ever walked into a bathroom and you can’t even use it because the previous person left a giant stink bomb in there and every second in that stall feels like you’re being poisoned by what you imagine as agent orange during WWII? (Surely, not as deadly or debilitating, but it may just feel that way in the moment). Or ever been that person who had to rip one on the toilet, but as you’re about to leave the bathroom, you start to panic about how the next person coming in might be someone you know and would be totally grossed out? Then you get more stressed thinking about how they might look at you now, or worse- go around and tell everyone else about it. The truth is, we’ve probably all been the person walking into a stinky stall and the person leaving the stall stinky. In fact, it really shouldn’t be that scary or anxiety inducing because we all know everybody defecates. Yet somehow, it just feels so embarrassing. Because well, poop doesn’t exactly smell great and we don’t want anybody to associate us with a revolting sense of smell.

Instead of feeling that constant cycle of shame every time you need to go number 2 at work and in other public places- or even in the comfort of your own home because family members are most comfortable brutally telling you how bad it smells when you leave the bathroom- then you’ve gotta try Petit Poo! It’s better than other toilet odor eliminators on the market because it is created to eliminate odors before the odor is exposed. You read that right. We said “before.” This isn’t just an air freshener because seriously, the smell of air freshener mixed with poop often makes the smell even more odd. It’s like when somebody tries to mask sweaty odors with perfume.

Petit Poo is easy to use. You simply put 3 drops into the toilet before you go; this creates a layer on the water’s surface that locks in and prevents the odors from spreading outward. The small size of each Petit Poo dropper is also perfect for carrying inside of your pocket or your bag. It’ll be your discreet secret odor blocker! No more worrying about lingering poop smells! Grab the Petit Poo Endurance Kit, which comes with 3 droppers (0.47 fluid ounces each): A green apple dropper, a strawberry dropper, and a Fresh Cloud dropper on Bwanaz.com! If you think the Endurance Kit amount is too small, you can pick the Revolution Kit, which comes with two 6.08 fluid ounces of Petit Poo Eliminator in the scents Oasis Industrial and Fresh Cloud. You can also go for the Ultimate Kit that comes with two small droppers and one big bottle with 6.08 fluid ounces in the scents Sugar Flower and Fresh Cloud.