Ever listen to music straight from a vinyl record player? If you’ve been around since the 60’s and 70’s, you’re probably chuckling right now, thinking, “Hey amateur, record players were my life, and still is to this day! in fact, I still own my very first record player!” Alright, alright, we know the record player days were good, and clearly, it’s still good because a lot of the younger generations today are still intrigued by them and want to get their hands on their very own record player! The record player is truly a timeless invention; when something transcends or crosses over another generation and people still know about it, it is iconic!

Now let’s dive into history a bit…for those of you that don’t know how the record player came into fruition (and for those of you that do, take this summary as a nostalgic ride back in time.) The record player is one of the most important inventions in the history of home entertainment. Did you know there was a time when music wasn’t accessible like in our cell phones or with a push of a button on our radio? Before the invention of musical devices like the record player, you had to listen to music live in a setting where musicians physically played the music in front of you. You couldn’t just play a recording of music anywhere you wanted like we can today.

The thing is, people have always wanted to be able to play music whenever and wherever they want. According to science, listening to music causes the human brain to release dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that evokes feelings of pleasure and therefore makes us feel less stressed and happier. We also all have the inherent ability to react and interpret music emotionally. This reaction essentially helps us express and relieve emotions we cannot put into words. Because of the emotional connection we often feel to music, people want to be able to access music easier. This is why mankind began playing with the idea of creating devices that can produce music in their homes or carry with them wherever they go.

This “make music accessible anywhere” idea resulted in various musical devices being created, such as the music box, the phonautograph, the gramophone, and then the phonograph, which is basically what the record player was called when it was first invented by Thomas Edison in 1877. This phonograph went through multiple updates, and a man named Peter Carl Goldmark turned it into the first vinyl record player. After more refining, it became the modern vinyl record player we know today. This vinyl record player is an electromagnetic device that converts sound vibrations into electrical signals. As a record spins, it creates sound vibrations that are converted into electrical signals. These signals are fed into an electronic amplifier, which is then sent to a speaker that produces the music out loud. In order for the vinyl to produce music, a needle was used to create grooves in the vinyl. These grooves are the recorded information of the music. Then, a needle (which is also called a stylus that we see moving on the vinyl of a record player) is used again to read the information in the grooves, which plays back the music to us.

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