There’s one thing we know for sure that has happened once the pandemic hit: our sweatpants collection have probably just been getting bigger and bigger. Even though we are progressively adjusting back to what we used to know as “normal,” and people are going back to the workplace once again, our love for sweatpants won’t end here. It’s here to stay! We’ll be keeping all the shaggy but worn in and oh-too-comfy-to-throw-away sweatpants while on the hunt for some new ones! If you now have to go back into work, the rest of us are here to salute you for your diligence and all the hard effort you put in every morning into getting ready for work by putting on stiff work attire. However, that doesn’t mean you have to leave the sweatpants club because you can hop right back in the moment you come back from work!

So, what makes a good pair of sweatpants? I think most of us can agree that it’s the way we’re able to let go in them; the way they don’t restrict our bellies and our legs. And second to this is the soft jersey fabric feel most sweatpants have. Some are even fuzzy on the inside! It’s like walking around in a blanket that wraps around you just right to make you feel the most comfy and cozy, but never suffocated.

Now, we know there is sometimes this dilemma when it comes to wearing sweatpants – a lot of people think they are totally sloppy looking, but guess what- you can actually find ones that fit you in a way that offers the comfort but doesn’t make you look like a lazy hag! The small details like the cuffs, the seams, or the tapered cut of a pair of sweatpants will make all the difference in the way it looks on your body. Besides, it’s 2021 and athleisure wear is totally in. People pay hundreds of dollars for a sweatshirt and sweatpants set now! You can definitely rock it outdoors because you’ll look right on trend and be super comfortable all day long! 

The sweatpants recommendation you’ve been looking for? It’s these ultra comfy french terry joggers from Good Vibes Only. They are a must-have in your sweatpants collection for many reasons. First off, they are affordable. (Only $18.40 for a pair!) While you can shell out hundreds of dollars for some sweatpants, let’s be realistic here. Not everybody wants to do that, and sweats are made of a mix of cotton and jersey fabric, which really aren’t expensive fabrics even when they’re good quality.

Moreover, these french terry joggers have a slim fit cut that tapers downward to give the legs a more streamlined look, while maintaining just the right amount of looseness in the legs, so they’re very comfortable. These joggers have a ribbed cuff at the end, which make them look more outdoor appropriate compared to the elastic cuff sweatpants that look bobbled up and puffy on the bottom. They’ve got simple matching seam colors to the pants, so the seams don’t stick out. There’s the adjustable waist ties, so you can loosen them up after your meals to accommodate for your food baby. Last of all, they’ve got front and back pockets! Who doesn’t love pants with more pocket space? Get yours on from Good Vibes Only. They’ve got these sweatpant joggers in the colors black, dusty rose, fig purple, marled ash, and shale blue!