Did you know that based on a survey by Better, an enterprise delivering health and community service, the main reasons people quit their exercise routines is due to the lack of time and lack of confidence? If you’ve had a gym membership or still have one, maybe even you’ve been having trouble going consistently due to the same reasons. However, another study shows that since covid hit, many have transitioned to “home gyming,” and people have actually been able to be more consistent with their workout routines when done at home because they don’t need to take out the time to commute to and from the gym, thereby saving time and having less excuse to “not go” because of the travel inconvenience. In addition, many who quit the gym due to not feeling confident also had more motivation to maintain their exercises at home because they didn’t have to worry about feeling self conscious about their figures at the gym.

Basically, home fitness is here to stay because it offers people more flexibility and sense of comfort. And actually, another reason people stick to home gyming is because they see the gym equipment they spent their money on as an investment they don’t want to waste. Apparently coming home to unused gym equipment staring back at its owners can cause them to get on that exercise routine to shed the guilt, thereby conveniently helping them develop a consistent exercise routine! A 2020 report prepared on behalf of eBay on home gyming shows that sales of fitness equipment increased up to 20 times compared to the same timeframe in 2019. Sales of dumbbells alone increased by 1980%!

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