One of the worst things one can experience is discomfort when walking around in your shoes. This experience especially rings true for women because there are so many shoes catered to women such as heels, platforms, boots, or flats that don’t offer much support for your feet and often squeeze and push your feet in painful ways. While many can say that if you avoid those shoes, then the problem is solved. However, things aren’t just that simple because sneakers don’t always quite fit professional environments and various other occasions. Not to mention, some women just prefer the appearance of a nice heel or flat much more!

Therefore, a more realistic way of amending uncomfortable shoe situations would be to add in some gel insoles for your shoes! These Amope Gel Activ Flat Insoles are a great pick because its gel technology provides shock absorption as you walk, so no more heel and metatarsal (ball of foot) pain!

Another plus about the Amope Gel Activ Flat Insoles is that they are a slimmer design, so this ensures that they will slide easily into all of your flats and heeled boots! These have also been designed in consultation with foot specialists, so that’s another reason they are better than other gel insoles on the market!

While these are currently $9.50 on Amazon, has them in stock on sale for only $3.75! This is a must-get for all the ladies looking for a solid pair of gel insoles!