Decorating your new home or apartment? Or simply just looking to add a new sofa to your living space or replace a well-loved sofa that has now worn out? Whichever it is that you’re doing really doesn’t matter as much as the sofa you’re going to pick. That’s because it’s much harder to return a sofa that came short to your expectations than a piece of clothing. Sofas are massive! And the big hassle of returning a sofa will surely add to the disappointment of realizing a sofa you’ve got isn’t comfortable or doesn’t match your space. That is why it is of utmost importance you pick a couch that is just the right color, style, and comfort to fit all your needs.

This Presence Three-Seat Sofa is our top sofa recommendation for various reasons. First of all, the color of the blue Presence Sofa is absolutely gorgeous! While grey is undoubtedly one of the most popular sofa color picks out there, it can be a little dull. The dark blue color of this sofa will give your living room just a pop of color, but not too much that it off-balances everything else. Believe it or not, blue is actually really easy to match in most homes. In fact, blue is one of the few colors can be used as a neutral tone (like the blue in this Presence Three-Seat Sofa). In case you’re still unclear about it, “neutral”  just means hues that appear to be without color or colors you can’t give a definite color name to. Neutral colors are grey, black, beige, cream, white, or brown. Meanwhile, primary colors like red, yellow, and blue, and secondary colors like green, orange, and violet are definitive colors you can name.

So if blue is a primary color, you might be wondering, how come blue can work as one of the neutral colors? That’s because the blue that this Presence Three-Seat Sofa has is more of a muted dark blue. A little bit of black or grey are added to this blue to make it a darker less vibrant blue. This is what makes it work pretty much like a neutral, but its blue base still shines through to give your room just a tad more interest than a pure neutral color.

Now, moving on to the style and features of this sofa- because they are pretty much equally as important as the color of the sofa. As you’ve probably caught on already from the title, the Presence Sofa is a three-seat sofa. This is a great pick because you don’t have to worry about running out of seats when you have more guests over. Not only is this sofa spacious, but its rectangular shape and seat separations (each seat has its own cushion) makes it a pleasing piece to look at. A sofa without separate seat cushions that runs all the way through may appear to be unchangingly long to the eye. You don’t have to worry about that with this guy!

And of course, the other factor you may be dying to know are the features of the sofa, and how they come together to make this sofa super duper comfortable. So comfortable that every time you get onto it, it feels like you’re getting to bed and you’re ready to take a snooze! That’s because its deep cushions offer a much deeper level of comfort. They are not too bouncy or springy, but gives perfect amount of support while still being nice and soft. Sinking into a sofa can actually cause spinal discomfort and even misalignment in the long run, so you don’t ever want anything too soft to sit in or rest on. (Little do most people know, back and neck pain can be a result of years of bad sitting postures caused by a terrible sofa or chair! And onsets of these symptoms may not start until years later!) Last but not least, the Presence Sofa has rubber wood legs and metal slot KD arms and back. You want your sofa to last long, and these features are what make the sofa extra sturdy! Seal the deal now on! Its price is probably one of the best things about this sofa. It is currently $314.99! And if blue really isn’t what you want, that’s okay- It comes in beige, grey, dark burgundy, and brown!