Whether you are moving into a new home or apartment, or have a room in your parent’s house, it’s likely that you’d want to add some decorations to liven the space up. Home decor is a big umbrella and you may be overwhelmed with the number of categories that are in it. For example, there are hanging ornaments, sculptures, art, etc. Though you can go with any of those and more, we are going to focus on centerpiece home decor today.

A centerpiece is a great way to start your journey of decorating your space. This is because you don’t need to think about putting together various things in multiple spaces to match. Even though you can match a centerpiece with other home decor, a centerpiece is generally just one decorative piece that can stand alone. If that’s still difficult for you to understand, perhaps this visual example might explain centerpieces better: Think of the times you’ve gone to eat dinner with someone at a restaurant, and there’s a vase of flowers on the table. That’s a centerpiece. Think of visiting your friend’s place and their side table has a sculpture. That’s another centerpiece. Sometimes, a centerpiece could also be a cluster of things mixed together; like a cluster of various shapes and sizes of candles that come together as a centerpiece. The more intricate you want your decorations to be, the more complimentary decorations you can include. However, you can also keep things simple with just one or two items that make up a solid centerpiece.

To keep things simple, you can use a home decor item such as this artificial branch as a centerpiece; it comes in gold and silver. These beautiful branches are from Bwanaz.com, and here are a couple of ideas for how you can use them to decorate:

  1. Place this in a vase with some flowers, or use multiple branches in one vase and put that vase somewhere you think will help fill up the space
  2. Hang one or two of these on a wall above your wall hooks where you hang your keys
  3. Wrap some string lights on the branches and place everything into a jar or vase. Now you have a light up decor!