Have you ever thought about the benefits of having plants indoors? Most of us can probably guess why people enjoy having plants inside the home, as nature and greenery are known to have a soothing and calming effect on the nerves. Studies have shown that plants help improve concentration and productivity by 15% and they help reduce stress, which in turn makes your mood better. One key benefit of indoor plants is that many of them are able to help filter the air. There are many plants that absorb carbon dioxide and filter out unwanted chemicals; they increase oxygen and moisture levels in the air. What you breathe in has a much larger effect on your physical and mental health than you’d think, as breathing is one of the most essential automatic functions our body has to keep us alive. So the better the air we breathe in is, the better it is for our health. While you do have to avoid plants with pollen or spores, researchers have found that rooms with plants like the Chinese evergreen or peace lily have less dust and mold than rooms without.

Aside from these benefits that plants can provide for our space, people have just loved having plants because they are absolutely beautiful! Having houseplants is a rather easy and affordable way to adorn your living space. For this reason, houseplants can be traced back to ancient civilizations like Ancient China, India, Japan, and the Greeks and Romans. Potted plants were commonly arranged by these different cultures in various ways. Initially, these potted plants would be mostly in outdoor spaces and courtyards, and terracotta or marble pots were often used. However, with the rise of industrialization, people began taking their cultivation of indoor plants and gardening to new heights. These botanical changes began manifesting inside of homes during the Victorian era, where foliage and potted plants were placed throughout the interior to make the homes feel warmer. As time went on, the first potted plants became available on the market during the 1920s.

And here we are today, where plant decor has once again been on a steady rise in home decor trends. The demand for houseplants especially skyrocketed when the pandemic hit in 2020 and most people began working from home. People wanted their space to feel more natural and lively amidst the lockdowns, so they started bringing plants into the home.

If you’ve been a longtime plant lover, or just beginning your journey as a plant parent, then you may surely think about how to put your plants in your home. While you can never go wrong with potted plants, it’s always nice to switch things up a little bit. For example, with Claremont Livings’ Macrame Handmade Crochet Plant Hangers, you can hang up your plants beautifully in your living room or front porch. They can really be placed anywhere you like. These plant hangers are made with knotted techniques that give them their unique textile design. They are currently only $7 each on Bwanaz.com! Bwanaz is having an open box sale, but don’t worry- the items are in new condition! Grab yours before they run out!