If you brush your own hair, then you might look at your pet and think of ways you can groom them and fluff up their fur to make them look as cute as possible. However, the goal grooming isn’t just for making your pets look like the cutest, fluffiest furry friend the planet. Proper hair hygiene is actually essential for keeping your beloved pet’s health on track! Consistent grooming can prevent your pets’ hair from knotting or matting. If their hair isn’t look after regularly, their hair will start matting, and this traps moisture underneath that can eventually lead to skin infections. That is why owning a grooming brush is pretty much a necessity among most pet owners! This pet grooming brush by World Depot is great for long or short haired pets! It has two types of wire bristles, one with rounded ends that’s used to massage your pet and one with short wire bristles to clean tangled hair!

To keep your pets healthy, it is suggested that you brush, bathe, and groom their coats consistently, according to the type of hair they have. For example, just like the way human hair varies in texture, length, and thickness, the same thing applies to animal hair. If different people with different hair have different haircare routines, then it’s a no brainer that each pet has their own unique hair hygiene needs! Generally, short haired dogs like Dobermans, pugs, Boston terriers, or Pinchers need baths every 4 to 6 weeks. Their short hair requires minimal brushing and barely any grooming at all. For pets with curly, wavy, or wiry hair, such as Poodles, American water spaniels, Bicho frise, wirehaired dachshund, or Airedales, it’s best to brush their coats at least 1-3 times a week and give them a bath at least once a month. For the pets with double coats like Shiba Inu, Labrador and Golden retrievers, huskies, pomeranians, and Australian shepherds, it’s also best to brush out their hair 1-3 times a week, but they only need to be bathed every 2-3 months. They should have their coats trimmed down every 3 months, but you must not shave their hair down when grooming because their undercoat helps them regulate their body temperature.

Grooming your pets’ hair may seem like a tedious task, and if you don’t enjoy doing it or have the time, you can simply take them to the groomers to make things easier for you. However, here is an economical tip: since grooming costs can add up pretty quickly, it’s best to take your pets to the groomers once a month and brush out your pets’ coats yourself with this pet grooming brush in between professional grooming sessions. Your furry friends will also feel more comfortable being brushed out by their owners. In fact, this may help you and your beloved pets form a deeper bond; they’ll see these brushing sessions as a special massage from their most trusted owner: you!