Looking for a dog bed that your fur baby will love? Check out this Anti-Anxiety Calming Donut Cuddler Dog Bed by Bwanaz!

What one of our happy reviewers said about the donut dog bed:

I got a lovely faux fur donut shaped dog bed from Bwanaz for my Maltese named Coco, who weighs about 6 pounds and let me tell you, she is LOVING it. I had gotten her another bed before this that she doesn’t use and pretends it’s not there, so I’m very happy that she loves this one because she’s always napping or resting in it. I got the x-small size, which is about 20 inches. This size is for dogs up to 10 pounds. They also come in 2 other sizes that fit dogs up to 35lbs, so weigh your dog to figure out which is the best size when you’re deciding what size to get.

I love that this donut dog bed looks good pretty much anywhere around my house. Anywhere I put it, my dog will follow it! I also love that the bottom of the bed has an anti-slip material so when Coco hops on it, it doesn’t slide away. The shape and cushion of this dog bed just fits her so well. Apparently circular shapes like this bed provides anxiety relief for dogs because they can curl up in it, giving them the feeling of security. I imagine that the dog curl is the equivalent of the fetus position for us humans!

I’ve thrown this in the wash twice already, and so far so good. Just throw it in on delicate wash cycle and dry on low.

This dog bed comes in multiple colors and sizes. In addition, you can check out all other types of dog beds/bedding that Bwanaz carries.