While there are many types of skateboard decks on the market, a shortboard like this Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard can never go wrong. It’s a good board to start out with if you’d like to learn how to cruise on the streets. You can try out skateboarding with this smaller board and see if you’ll like it before going headfirst into purchasing a bigger, more expensive board.

Since this mini cruiser is smaller in size, it will be lighter and easier to carry. These mini cruisers are generally referred to as “penny boards.” They are the most lightweight and most maneuverable, which is what makes them a great starting skateboard deck. They are also now considered a classic. Australian professional skateboarder, Ben Mackay, came up with an idea of the penny board when he saw how much people loved “mini skateboards” in California. Therefore in 2010, he decided to design an even more compact board and name it after his sister Penny.

A penny board is actually a mix of a skateboard and a longboard. Skateboards generally have smaller wheels and lighter decks, so that riders can perform tricks and flips on them easier. A longboard is used for transportation, so the deck of a longboard is longer, wider, and lower to the ground. The deck sits on top of lower, wider wheels, so it’s a lot more stable than a skateboard. A penny board was designed to have the durability of a skateboard to do tricks, while also having strong trunks and big wheels of a longboard that would allow for stable commutes. Since the launch of the Penny board, it has quickly become one of the most popular skateboard choices in the market.

If you’ve been looking for a retro penny board, this mini cruiser by MK Joy is a great choice because it is easy to carry at only 3.8 pounds. You can store it inside a bag, as it measures 22 x 6 inches. It’s great for children or adults. It may look small, but it can handle up to 200 pounds with its 60mm*45 pu smooth wheels, and high speed ABEC-7 bearings. It is on sale for a great price at $21.95!

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