Do you remember the days before you learned how to ride a bike that your parents had probably let you ride on a bike with training wheels first? Basically, the addition of those training wheels gave the bike more balance, so the bike would be stable and not tip over easily. For very young kids starting out, parents are often worried they will hurt themselves, so that’s typically what they start out with. The adult version of those bikes are pretty much called tricycles. A tricycle has one wheel in the front and two wheels in the back. This provides the bike with strong stability.

If you’ve learned how to bike already, you might be wondering why you would even consider getting a tricycle for yourself or somebody you know. Well, as mentioned above, the design of a tricycle gives it much more stability, so tricycles are a great option for people who may have an injury that prevents them from getting on or off a bike easily. They are also safer for seniors that no longer posses the great sense of balance and agility they once had in their younger days, but still want to get some exercise in through riding.

Another reason to get a tricycle that may be more applicable to adults who aren’t injured or older is if you’d like to cycle very slowly for a very long time, or even stop and sit in your tricycle just to admire the view. The reason you can ride very slowly on a tricycle is because its center of gravity is lower than that of a two wheeler bike. It is closer to the ground, so it will never go out of balance. In addition, since all three wheels of a tricycle help it stand firmly on the ground, you are able to sit in it without putting your foot on the ground in a complete stop. Just this one advantage on balance and stability to a tricycle can help you ride for much longer periods of time without becoming too exhausted!

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