One of the best ways to workout is in the comfort of your own home. While many types of exercises require expensive equipment, pull ups don’t! Having a doorway pull up bar is one of the cheapest workout options to have around the house. This Multi-Grip Doorway Pull Up Bar can be installed onto your doorway without assembly or using any screws. All you have to do is hook it onto the door frame and begin your exercise! A pull up should always be a part of your workout routine because it works out your lats and biceps, while also training your deltoids, rhomboids, and core! Such a simple motion works out so many muscles in your body!

As we age, we lose a lot of muscle mass in our bodies, so if we don’t exercise, we may be more prone to injuries because the muscles in our body won’t be as efficient in supporting our bodies to maintain healthy postures. Get your pull up bar now to keep your muscles strong and to prevent injuries!

Get this Multi-Grip Pull Up Bar now by World Depot to add to your exercise routine! This unique bar offers more comfortable range of motion and can hold up to 400lbs in weight!