Is it Christmas all the time? No, but who says you can only have lovely, glowy string lights beautifully illuminating your home only during the Christmas season? We want cozy warm speckles of light whenever we want! You can’t deny your secret love for the soft and relaxing, yet exciting ambience that string lights create in an environment, especially during the night time when the fuzzy glow of the lights shines in contrast against the darkness, filling your inner heart with a magical, wondrous feeling that can’t be explained!

Whether you’re getting string lights to dazzle up your front porch, your patio, or next to your barbecue grill in the backyard, the Outdoor LED String Lights from Oncall LED will bring the soft ambience you’ve been looking for wherever you decide to place it. It is 48 ft long, so you don’t have to worry about it running short. In addition, it has 15 E26 based hanging sockets with 11W S14 incandescent bulbs, and the distance between the bulbs are about 3.11 ft. However, you’reĀ  probably wondering, what makes this set of LED string lights special?

Well, here are its shining features:

  1. It has a throwback vintage shaped bulb design that will elevate the area you decide to hang the lights in.
  2. TheĀ string lights are made of weatherproof and insulation material that protects the strand from the scorching heat of the sun, heavy winds, and rainy or snowy conditions. The heavy duty cords will be able to withstand the test of various weather conditions over a long period of time. This is such a great feature because who wants to buy something that won’t last long?
  3. The lights are dimmer switch compatible (not included) if you wish to adjust the brightness of the bulbs to change up the atmospheric mood.

Get your set of the Outdoor LED String Lights from Oncall LED on while supplies last to jazz up your space! Also, don’t worry if your bulbs go out because you can purchase more of the vintage LED bulbs on Bwanaz!